NCCF Now Live!!!

Since the inception of the NCCF in 2014, the forum has made tremendous contributions to the operations of the Board. All ten groups have thus far made their unique contributions that has enabled the Board to have a first hand information of the industry due to the direct engagement of industry players/Stakeholders who make up these groups.

As a Federal agency, in order to continue to improve our stakeholder engagement as recommended in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) document of the Federal Government as well as Executive Order 1 on Ease of Doing Business, signed back in May, 2017 by the Vice President, going live could not have happened at a more appropriate time than we did in April, 2017.

We invite all stakeholders to continue to support us in our journey. We are here to serve you!

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “NCCF Now Live!!!

    It was a wonderful and productive outing at the Nigeria O & G Industry Fair and Conference at the Eko Convention Centre in the last 3 days.
    It was a forum for networking, synergizing, exchange and cross fertilization of ideas and knowledge.
    Stakeholders from the academia, government agencies and research institutions charged with stimulating, promoting, and nurturing Nigerian entrepreneurial and productive spirit were there pulling together as well as young and old entrepreneurs, big and small, struggling and flourishing, as well as local and global scale firms.
    Nigeria’s full potential was showcased. Thriving and upcoming fabrication yards, capable of handling practically any scale of fabrication were there. State of the art 3-D printing equipment was on display. Focussed Universities strutted their stuff, and showcased their achievements and endeavours. Courageous Nigerian software developers flaunted their potentials and skills
    It was inspiring to see some aspects of Nigeria’s fledgling industry on showcase.
    I am already looking forward to the next edition of the fair. If you were not there, wow !! you missed!!!
    The fair/ conference may have exceeded the expectations of the organizers.
    Some of us took the opportunity to establish connections via available media,learn,and forge relationships, to extract the gains long after the close of the program, beyond just the sound bites and refreshments.
    The board was a gracious host, and The Executive Secretary’s open and engaging nature reflected in his lieutenants and staff.
    The Oil and gas community also turned out big time to affirm, celebrate and honour its own. It was amazing and encouraging to see several agencies of government co-operate and collaborate.
    For sure there will be more products to be showcased at subsequent editions, seeing how enthusiastically some modest innovations, initiatives and products were received. My personal target is 5 products and patents at the next outing.
    I wish colleagues on the NCCF were there. Anyway,the next edition will definitely be more interesting.

    • Thank you so much for your commendation. However, many NCCF members were there although not in NCCF capacity. Nevertheless, our modus operandi is to always do better.

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